Yasir Bugra Eryilmaz

Snapchat - 4th of July

Case Study

— Snapchat - 4th of July


June, 2018

4 weeks


6 special 4th of July stickers, 2 filters and 10 seconds animation

Late May, one of the designers at Snapchat, Jeannie reached out to me and asked if I interested with a special project for Fourth of July. They saw my sticker sets Gummy Monsters and The Poops on my Dribbble account and thought I would be a perfect fit for their upcoming project Fourth of July Celebration.

Starting the project


We have a 10 second animation from Team Snapchat that is sent to our users during certain holidays. We also have a sticker set of 6 and 2 filters.

There were 3 milestones: Sketches / Storyboard, styleframes / Colors, and final set. We communicated through Upwork for entire process. 


  • Making an animation with limited 10 seconds.
  • Vertical animation.
  • Limited color palette (National symbolic colors)

The Challenge and the first Sketches

As a non-American designer, the first challenge was to deliver the message clearly. In order to do that, I needed to do some research about 4th of July. First, I read about the history and examined the symbolic objects associated with this holiday to create a visual map.



After my research, I decided to start with the stickers as a way to build the concept. I sketched the first ideas on iPad Pro with using Procreate app (Which is my favorite!) 

First sticker ideas I created on iPad Pro.

First sticker ideas I created on iPad Pro.

We chose five of them which we thought were better suited to the expressions of the teenagers and to the daily jargon.  Lit, Happy 4th of July, Star Eyeglasses, US flag heart and the balloons. We were not sure about the look of''Lit'' so we tried other versions. Also we wanted to try one more with 'MURICA word.


We were happy with 'MURICA but for the ''Lit'' we decided to go back to the first idea. In this case, we selected all six stickers. Now it's time to jump to the other work to do.

Holistic approach


For the animation, I suggested to create two fireworks characters and a short funny story with them. They liked the idea and and first quick character sketches. After first sketches we also wanted to use these characters on one of the filters to approach holistically. 


Storyboard and Styleframes


Final Artwork


Screenshot shows stickers on the Snapchat's sticker tray 

And with my filters!

And with my filters!

Of course I posted a selfie with my own stickers!

Of course I posted a selfie with my own stickers!


Mass Snap!

On 4th of July 2018, Snapchat celebrated Independence Day by sending this short video to over 80 million users in the US as a ''From Team Snapchat'' message. They call it Mass Snap!